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Message from the Company President

Earth Science for society

Year 2008 is declared as the International Year of Planet Earth. The slogan "Earth Science for society" means that using our knowledge about the Earth, we should make a lot of efforts to preserve the life on our planet and protect it from destruction. GSI will continue the positive activities in this direction together with all who are concerned in the Earth Science.

Making the phrase "We want to know more about the Earth" to be the word of the company, GSI develops systems that can support everyone whoes work or research is related to the Earth.

In 2007, we started selling our digital clinometer GeoClino and already received a lot of favorable responses from our customers. The first step on spreading GeoClino out of the borders of Japan was done in AGU meeting (San Francisco) in December 2007. Currently we are making a lot of efforts to make our products available everywhere in the world.

Mamoru Toyoda, President of GSI GSI is the company that gives ideas a shape. The ideas of the digital clinometer, educational geological software, and other products came in mind during field works with our colleagues. And we aim at creating systems that allow to collect high accuracy data in the fields in any weather condition. No doubt, everyone's ideas are that support the system development in GSI.
During the last 20 years, GSI were developing software on the requests of other companies or institutes. From now, our business activity area is spreading out to selling and developing of products, required on the market. We also started selling portable measurement divices abroad, so that everyone in every country could use them. GSI aspires to become a group of experts, that upholds "Earth Science for society".
Mamoru Toyoda
President of GSI Company