Digital Clinometer GeoClino


Frequently Asked Questions

Power-on unable.

Check batteries. Replace with new batteries.

Buttons do not work.

Try the following:
1. Remove batteries;
2. Leave for 30 seconds or more;
3. Insert batteries and try again.

Communication with computer does not work.

Check the following:
1. Is the powered on?
2. Is the serial cable firmly inserted into the outlet?
3. Is the serial cable firmly connected with computer?
4. Is the port settings of the software proper?
5. Is the driver installed into your PC?

My PC does not have built-in RS232C/D-sub 9pin connector.

Use a USB connector in your PC together with USB-RS232C/D-sub 9pin(Male) converter.

Does shaking of GeoClino at the time of measurement affect the values obtained?

You lock the displayed values when press the HOLD button. These are not the values of the time, when the button was pressed, but of the time just before that. Therefore, shaking of the device at the time of pressing a button does not affect the measurement data. Please refer to the manual for further details.

What is the basic principle of measurement?

Magnetic and acceleration sensors are built in the device. The magnetic sensor detects geomagnetic field and measures the orientation. The acceleration sensor detects the gravitation and measures the inclination (dip). Please refer to the manual for further details.

Explain about the necessity of the calibration.

The values, read from the magnetic and acceleration sensors, are under influence due to various reasons, such as difference in the sensitivity, in the basic electric field, or in the sensor fixing, magnetic field inside and outside of the device, and so on. Therefore, GeoClino should be calibrated carefully. Please refer to the manual for further details.

With GeoClino-G, can I get the elevation data?

With GeoClino-G you cannot get the elevation data. It can only measure the latitude and the longitude.

The displayed values does not response to the changing of the divice position or orientation.

The device may have been calibrated in a wrong way. Try to calibrate GeoClino again according to the manual.