Digital Clinometer GeoClino

Digital Clinometer "GeoClino-G" (with built-in GPS)

Digital clinometer with built-in GPS

Quick and easy measurement of strike and dip of a surface (bedding plane, foliation, fault plane etc.) in a single action. Unlike a conventional compass or clinometer, which need two actions to fulfill a mesurement, you only place GeoClino on a surface and measure the strike and dip that significantly saves time and labor. The build-in GPS makes possible to measure also latitude and longitude that can be saved in the GeoClino-G memory along with other measurement data. It is also possible to use GeoClino-G as a normal GPS receiver.


* It may not be possible to measure the coordinates, if the satellite signals are not properly captured by the GPS.
* The design of GeoClino-G may be changed without notice.

Measure trend and plunge of a lineation in a single action

Quick and easy measurement of trend and plunge of any linear structure (lineation, fault slickenline, fold axis etc.) just by placing GeoClino onto the line. Strike and dip of the surface, on which the lineation lies, are measured simultaneously.

Record the data into the built-in memory

You can record up to 999 data sets just by pressing a button on the GeoClino-G. The recorded data can be read at any time. In addition, with GeoClino-G you can also measure and save into the memory the latitude and longitude of the place.*


* Even if GeoClino-G cannot measure the position due to bad conditions, it still can be used for measuring and saving of the strike and dip.


GeoClino-G can be safely used in any weather conditions.

Measurement modes

There are three measurement modes in GeoClino-G.

  • PLANE mode
    Measure strike and dip of a bedding plane (or any other surface) automatically by placing GeoClino-G onto the surface.
  • LINEATION mode
    Measure trend and plunge of a lineation and at the same time strike and dip of the surface, on which the lineation lies.
  • MANUAL mode
    Measure orientations of a surface and lineation separately, with higher accuracy.

Adjusting for the magnetic declination

The magnetic declination at your working place can be adjusted in the device settings, allowing the corrected trend to be displayed on the screen.

Using GeoClino-G as a normal GPS receiver

GeoClino-G can be used as a normal GPS receiver. The data recieved by the GPS can be sent to a computer using serial communication. Combining this function with some GPS-maping software, you can create route maps, and guide your way to the destination.

Simplified direction indication

Simplified indication for 16 directions, such as N, E, NE, NW, NNW etc.

simple compass
Calendar function

Date and time of measurements is automatically saved into the memory together with the measurement data.

Ruler marks

An orange-colored marks are put on the lower margin of GeoClino-G with 1 cm step.

Bundled software "GeoAssist" *1

GeoClino can be connected to a computer with a serial cable*2 to transfer the data stored in the built-in memory. The bundled sofware GeoAssist makes the data transfer easier. GeaAssist also allows building simple geological maps from the strike and dip data, and placing the measured data on a map as symbols.


*1 Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
*2 Connect the serial cable to RS232C port of your PC. If your PC does not have built-in RS232C port, please use USB-RS232C converter.

Power source AA type alkali dry batteries x 2
AA type nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries x 2
Life of batteries
(at 25 degrees Celsius)*1
About 10 hours
(alkali dry batteries)

About 8 hours
(nickel-hydrogen batteries)
Measurable range
Strike 0 to 359
Dip -179 to 179
Trend 0 to 359
Plunge -89 to 89
Resolution Strike 1°
Dip 1°
Trend 1°
Plunge 1°
GPS*2 WGS84 Geogr. Coord. Syst.
Accuracy 2 to 25 m
Interface RS232-C
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C
Size 142 x 69 x 31mm
(excluding batteries)
about 180 g
Packing list GeoClino-G
Serial cable
Application CD-ROM
Warranty certificate
Bundled software GeoAssist, information processing software compatible
with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

* The content might be changed without notice.
*1 Battery life may be different according to the conditions.
*2 Not usable out og range of GPS.

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