2015, April 30
Sold out of GeoClino
We were able to be sold out GeoClino. Thank you all! Currently, there is no plan to resell.
2011, July 25
About GeoClino for Android Series
We uploaded an introduction of "GeoClino for Android" for Android terminals.

Past events

2008, October 5-8, Houston, Texas
2008 Joint Annual Meeting
The meeting in Houston gathered almost ten thousands people from all over the world. Geologists, speleologists, cave explorers, students, and many others were interested in our GeoClino. No less interest was caused by the handmade Japanese style paper dolls that we had brought from Japan and placed near GeoClino. We wish we could prepare more of them!
Thanks to everyone for visiting our booth.
2008, May 25-30, Chiba City, Japan
Japan Geoscience Union Meeting in 2008
During the meeting a lot of visitors asked, made requests, and gave an opinion about GeoClino. We are very gratitude to everyone who interested in GeoClino and visited our exhibition.
2007, December 11-14, San Francisco
AGU (American Geophysical Union) FALL MEETING
At this meeting first time we presented our newest development GeoClino - a portable digital clinometer. You can see from these pictures, how we were doing.