Data processing

Data processingGSI also deals with the data input and transaction.

Creating of 3D ground model

3D ground model can be created from the boring stratigraphical data using our software Geomap3D
3D ground modeling system Geomap3D (Japanese only) -->

Data input and organizing

Analisys of the rainfall data

The system organizes the rainfall data, creates tables and maps

Setting up latitude and longitude for stratigraphic columns

The system can automatically set up the latitude and longitude of a stratigraphic column according to the mapping data.

Digitalization of any type of public statistic data

The sdystem digitalizes any public statistic data making them easier to analyze.

Stratigraphic columns data input

With this system you can input the boring data.

Ground data tests data input

With this system you can input the data of the ground tests.

Do not hesitate to consult with our company on the question of any type data processing


Groundwater analysis computing system

With this system you can conduct numerical analisys of the groundwater flow.

Stability calculation

With this system you can conduct the stability calculation.

Creating cross-sectional maps

With this system you can create cross-sectional maps in an arbitrary plain

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