System development

System development GSI is concentrating on the development of computer systems for science and technology, such as systems for geological surveys, automatic measurements, chemical management, and so on. We are selling our own software as well as developing software by the requests from other companies or institutes, and have an experience in developing of various software - from applications to special programms for devices.

Development of systems related to geological surveys

We are developing the following geological software:

  • Stratigraphic column input-output system
  • System of input and mapping of soil test results
  • System of mapping and analisys of ground movement measurement data
  • Lanslide situation, water level, rainfall change observation systems
  • Liquefaction, stability, mound stress, etc. computing system
  • Cross-sectional map system
  • Stratigraphic columns search engine and disasters database search engine, implemented in one geographical informational system
Developed systems
Creating a mesh for the finite element analysis Landslide observation
3D computing of the ground stress Water level observation
Visualizing of stratigraphic columns Stability calculations
Mapping of the soil test results Triaxial compression test
Processing of water pumping test and observation data Processing of triangular weir discharge observation data
Mapping of the inclination data from inside boreholes Disasters database search engine
Dutch cone penetrometer input-output system Liquefaction determination
Stratigraphic columns search engine Creating of cross-sectional maps
Free Draw Rainfall data analysis
Landslide disaster forecast
(in collaboration with OYO Corp.)
River disaster forecast
(in collaboration with OYO Corp.)

Development of chemical management systems

We are also concentrating on the development of water quality and chemical management supporting systems, used in nuclear plants and other facilities.

Developed systems
Chemical data analisys Cause sorting system
Phylogenetic test data collecting Chemical management supporting system
Laboratory automation system Water quality data collecting system
Chemical analysis evaluation system Water quality control system
Chemical management expert system  

Other achievements

  • Geoinfo system, showing local information on a map
  • Geoinfo system, showing river or lake pollution areas on a map
  • Account and office processing system for nuclear facilities
  • Office processing system for health diagnosis

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