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Site Policy

Please read the following acceptable use policy when you use this website.

When the customer browses or uses contents and information included in this website, We have an assumption that customer agrees to the following description matters. It is possible that the contents, informations, url of our website is changed or abolished without notice.Please understand it beforehand.

About Site Browse

When you browse this website, We recommend the use of browsers more than Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0.

About Plug-in

To browse all contents, the FLASH plug-in and Acrobat Reader become necessary occasionally.We recommend that you download plug in from the following banner if you do not have them.

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Copy Right

The copyright that relates to all contents/book (document and material, etc.) on GSI Co.,Ltd("GSI") and our homepage and other rights belong to GSI and the informer. These contents / books are protected by Copyright Law of Japan, a treaty and the Copyright Law of other countries and you cannot use it exceeding the range of private use. Regardless of method(modification, copy, lease, loan, sales, publication, transmission, and broadcasting, etc.), it is forbidden to supply it to the third party's use without the permission of the rightful person. If each copyrighted work has each terms of use, those terms are applied.


The company name, the service name, and the product name, etc. placed in our homepage are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. GSI has neither the will nor the purpose to violate those trademark right though our company might describe the brand name and the group name, etc. on our homepage for the convenience of the explanation.


Even if some damage occurs because of the use for contents etc., GSI doesn't assume the responsibility at all.

Third parties' websites linked to or from this website ("linked site"), except those of group companies of GSI, are administered by such third parties at their own responsibility. Provision of a link to and from this website does not imply that GSI has any special relationship with parties operating linked site or that GSI recommends the contents of linked site. GSI assumes no responsibility for the contents of linked site or use of such sites.