GeoClino for Android

Measure strike/dip and trend/plunge with Android terminal

Using the function of the Android terminal, you measure strike/dip of a stratum and trend/plunge of a lineation and save it. The data which you saved are plotted on a map.

display clinometer

Save measurement data

The measurement data is saved to an SD card. you can store measured data to up to 500. In addition, backup is possible.

plot measured data

Measurement mode

There are two measurement modes. One mode is "strike/dip mode" measuring only strike/dip(left fig.). The other mode is "lineation mode" measuring strike/dip and trend/plunge(right fig.).

Measurement mode

Method for measurement of strike/dip

When you measure strike/dip with "strike/dip mode", you place the back of Android terminal onto the bedding plane in any direction.

strike/dip mode

Method for measurement of strike/dip and trend/plunge

When you measure strike/dip with "lineation mode", you place the back of GeoClino on a bedding plane and align the longer edge onto a lineation(red line).

lineation mode

Schmidt net

You can display Schmidt net for the measurement data of a displayed map area.

Schmidt net

Display mode

There are "north mode" and "right hand mode".
example) "north mode": N59E 39S, "right hand mode": 59 39


You can register photographs at the measurement point. you can store photographs to up to 5.

Record voice

You can record a voice at the measurement spot and register. The voice file format is 3gp format.

Record voice
Remark and Setting of plot color

You can register remarks at the measurement spot and set a color when plot strike/dip data on a map. In addition, you can register word into a user's dictionary and easily input into remarks.

Remark and Setting of plot color
Track log

You can save track log and display it. If gps is available, the track log can be saved to up to 1,000 points every approximately 15 seconds.(a) But the track log is acquired only when a map screen is displaying it. In addition, you can output trace log as KML file, and display in Google Earth.(b)

Track log

You can send measurement data and track log by an email. The output formats are CSV format and KML format.

google earth

* The figure is the example which displayed kml on google earth.


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device Android device
OS Android (1.6 or later)
other SD card
This system use the following functions of Android device.
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Magnetic sensor
  • GPS
  • Internet

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