Geomap3D (educational)

Software for learning of 3D geological mapping

With this software you can conduct simple simulations on the evolution of the earth's surface and geological layers. The educational version is provided with samples of 3D geological models, so that everyone can start using it immediately in lectures, presentations etc. You can manipulate a model with a simple tool panel.


* The function of creating of a new 3D model does not included in the educational version of Geomap3D

Variation of the layers strike/dip and the terrain surface

In the sample models it is easy to set any arbitrary values of the strike and dip or modify the terrain surface. With this software it is possible to see how the model response to different settings and conditions. For example (fig. a below), if someone changes the strike and the dip of a geological layer, the result may be as in fig. b. If someone changes the terrain surface, the result may be as in fig. c.

strike/dip、land form
Ground faults and folds

You can set up and put faults (left fig.) and folds (right fig.) in the model, including normal, reverse, and lateral faults.

fault and fold
Various displaying modes

A 3D model can also be displayed in the plane view (fig. a), with contour lines (fig. b), or as a wireframe (fig. c).

Displaying modes
Geological profiles

A user can define an arbitrary line, along which a geological profile (cross-section) will be created.

arbitrary geological profile
System requirements
Processor Intel Pentium III 1GHz or better (recommended)
OS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP3 or later)
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP2)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2)
Microsoft Windows Vista
Memory 512MB or more (recommended)
CD-ROM Drive 4x or higher (required only during the installation)
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