PC Software

PC SoftwareWe professionaly develop and distribute the software requested in the market. In 2004, under the support of Ibaraki prefecture and the supervising of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, we brought out the long-awaited 3D Geological Modeling System - Geomap3D. We are more happy to make a contribution to "Earth science for the society", than just to develop software.


The system creates 3D geological maps using the data of borings or geological outcrops
Geomap3D builds a model of geological layers, using any data about their position and, in particular, stratigraphic column data. Then, adding layer ordering and other attributes such as sediments or erosion, it creates a 3D ground model. In addition, Geomap3D allows visualizing the process of geological layers formation.

Geomap3D - education version

Learning 3D Geological Mapping with Geomap3D
With Geomap3D (education version) you can conduct simple simulations such as examining of the strike and dip of geological layers or changing of the terrain surface. This software is provided with the basic 3D ground model that you can use in educational purposes.